Flowers are considered one of the key pieces to many American weddings. They often make up approximately 7% to 8% of an average wedding budget. It’s easy to see why. Flowers represent life, abundance, happiness, and goodwill: perfect for any newly married couple. However, when it comes to wedding bouquets, it’s spring that gets all the attention.

Yet September and October are the second and third most popular months to get married. The fall foliage and only-slightly chilly weather make the outdoors wonderful for wedding photos. What’s more is that the possibilities for fall bouquets are not just plentiful, but incredible in color and variability.

Here are just some of the fall’s most beautiful bouquets to use on your special autumn wedding day:

  1. Bouquet with reds and rustic touches
    What spring and fall have in common is they both spur the desire to be outside. For your fall wedding bouquet, consider asking your florist to incorporate a bit of the great outdoors with your flowers. A few strategically placed branches with protea, craspedia, mums, and just a hint of lace can make your bouquet rustically gorgeous.
  2. Bouquet with soft peach tones
    Fall is renowned for its reds, oranges, and yellows along with dark green leaves. But you can still achieve that feeling of autumn without losing that soft, feminine edge you may be looking for. Florists in Reston VA can just as easily design you a feminine and full bouquet of peachy roses, dahlias, carnations, and leaves.
  3. Bouquet with bright yellows and oranges
    Yellow flowers are often given a bad reputation, but in the fall their golden color can look absolutely beautiful alongside your white gown. Consider asking your florists for a bouquet made from celosia, protea, ranunculus, and orchids with ferns to make it just abundant enough to make a statement.
  4. Small bouquet that packs a punch
    Some brides that prefer the simplicity of a small bouquet, but still desire the color of a large group of flowers. Consider a bouquet of brightly colored anemones of various shades both light and dark alongside buttercups and columbine. The small clutch of bright yellow and white packs a mighty punch your guests won’t forget.

Spring may be a great time for wedding flowers, but fall isn’t a season to be outdone. For more information on great flower combinations for your wedding bouquet, contact Open Blooms today.