The holiday season is nearly here and flowers are one of the best ways you can bring the holiday season to life in your home as you decorate your space for guests.


Whether you love traditional holiday bouquets or you’re looking for a modern approach to holiday decor, flowers can give you a variety of options to bring holiday vibes into your space in your own unique way.


Seasonal greenery garlands are your best friend


When it comes to the holiday season, nothing says winter wonderland quite like a seasonal greenery garland. Garlands can be decorated with a variety of colors, plants, and scents to meet your personal style.


You can accent your garland with white, blue, red, or pink blossoms or use ornaments or pine cones to really make your garland come alive. Think of your garland as a base where you can add anything you want to make it feel like your own.


Use vases to suit your needs


Poinsettas are a traditional holiday flower, but not everyone is a fan of poinsettias and, in some cases, you may not be able to have them in your house because of pets.


The good news is, you can choose bouquets based on the color scheme you’re looking for and amp up the holiday cheer with your vases. White, ceramic vases are a great way to make colorful blooms really pop. If you’re going for a glam look, consider using a vase with a gold pattern.


Just know that you’re not limited to flowers that are traditionally meant for the holiday season. You can use any blooms you love and set the mood in other creative ways.


Color palettes are your key to a modern look


If you really want a modern look to your holiday decor and floral arrangements, keep color palettes in mind. Choose two colors that you really love whether they be pink and orange, blue and gold, or red and silver.


Choose holiday flowers and decorations based on your color palette and use them throughout your home to create holiday vibes you can love whether they’re traditional or not.


Looking for beautiful holiday flower arrangements?


Up to 50% of customers buy fresh flowers as host gifts during the holiday season and 54% buy flowers for entertainment purposes such as centerpieces for a dinner party.


If you’re looking for holiday flowers for your home (for a party or otherwise), Open Blooms has the holiday bouquets you’re looking for. To learn more about our holiday bouquets or flower delivery services, contact Open Blooms today.