Summer is all about family, friends, and outdoor barbeques. But just because you’re lighting up the grill doesn’t mean you can’t make your backyard glam for the 4th of July. After all, up to 69% of Americans report that the smell of flowers improves their mood.

Holiday flowers are one of the best ways to show pride in your country in a unique and wonderful way. Unfortunately, some blooms may end up wilting in the summer heat.

To help keep your backyard party circa 1776 and not circa 177-sick, here’s how you can keep your bouquets from wilting this 4th.

Consider using backup flowers

Sometimes the sun is just too much and a backup bouquet is needed. Depending on how long your outdoor party lasts and whether your flowers will be in the direct sunlight, it may be in your best interest to have backup bouquets on hand.

Backup bouquets for your tables will help keep the table decor fresh between the time when your guests arrive and when the time comes to eat.

Keep your flowers hydrated

When you find yourself thirsty during 4th of July party, odds are your flowers are thirsty too. Direct sunlight can take a toll on any plant. And your flowers are most likely slurping up the water you’ve given them in their vases.

Be sure to replenish your bouquets with water as if you were refilling the glass of a guest. This will help keep your flowers feeling hydrated and fresh. Additionally, feel free to spritz your flowers with mist from a spray bottle to give them extra moisturization.

Choose your flowers wisely and don’t be afraid to trust the experts

Your heart may be set on red, white, and blue flowers. But certain flowers of that color palette may not be as pro-heat as you’d like them to be. If you’re not careful, your bouquets could end up turning brown fairly quickly in the summer heat.

That said, one of the best ways to ensure your bouquets stay happy and blooming during your 4th of July party is by trusting the professionals. Florists know how flowers not only need to be taken care of but also how they’ll respond to direct sunlight in the summer.

Holidays flowers aren’t only meant for the winter. You can have just as much fun with holiday flower arrangements during the summer! To learn more about holiday flowers and our flower delivery, contact Open Blooms today.