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4 Ways You Can Display Flowers During An Outdoor Party This Summer

Spring is coming to an end and summer is fast approaching. With the weather so warm, a greater number of parties will be taking place outside in the sunshine.

Up to 54% of floral shop customers buy decorations like centerpieces for the holiday season and summer is no different. But what are some of the best ways to display flowers for outdoor parties when the sun’s so hot?

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May 31, 2018 / Open Blooms

4 Steps for Choosing the Right Flowers For Your Teen’s Graduation Party

Your high school student is nearing the end of their educational path, and it’s almost time to graduate. They’ve worked so hard to get through their classes, and you’re one proud parent. To celebrate, the grad party should be awesome. Flowers are a great way to decorate for a party, but choosing the right ones […]

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May 2, 2018 / Open Blooms
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4 Classic Birthday Gifts You Can Give Your Best Friend Every Year

The older you get, the more difficult it can be to think of a birthday gift you haven’t already given your best friend. After all, you’ve been together through thick and thin for years and you can only give someone you love so many picture frames so many times. Fortunately, there are a few birthday […]

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March 30, 2018 / Open Blooms
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